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Celebrity Sneaker Spotlight: Kendall Jenner and the art of the white shoe

In a rainbow-bright world, with choices a-plenty in the world of fashion, where better to get sneaker inspiration than the wardrobe of one of the most stylish and fashion-savvy girls on the planet – Kendall Jenner.  

Known for their sense of style, photogenic beauty and business acumen, the Kardashian-Jenner girls know their stuff – and aren’t afraid to let the world in on their fashion secrets. And Kendall? The stylish second youngest daughter has graced the cover of a zillion leading fashion magazines and walked the catwalks for the world’s most-adored fashion houses. Perhaps the fairest of them all, she’s known for her sophisticated yet understated style. Her secret? Classic white sneakers. 

Kendall’s street style: 
Steppin’ out from quarantine restrictions, Kendall’s been seen all over NYC rocking her signature white Dad sneakers. One day in zebra-print leggings, the next in slim-fitted, high-waisted blue jeans, Kendall’s finishing her look with comfy classic all-white sneakers. It’s the shoe that’ll keep it clean and cool all day long and channel that oh-so-effortless vibe all your other shoes can’t even get close to.

Kendall’s travel style:
Even flying first-class, a supermodel needs to keep that photo-ready look happening. Hands down, it’s white sneakers all the way to Cannes and back for Kendall Jenner. Whether it’s an all-white sweatpants and hoodie ensemble or a stretchy knitted twin-set, Kendall’s knocking back those jumbo mojitos in comfort and style. Want to fly as high as Kendall in the fashion stakes? Lift off with a pair of your favourite white sneakers that’ll take you wherever you want to go.

Kendall’s on-screen style:
On the hit reality show “Keeping Up 
With The Kardashians”, Kendall’s seen at her most casual. Reclining on a plush sofa or two, Kendall’s rocking flannelette shirts and track pants with baseball caps and messy topknots. The one dependable riff? A pair of good ol’ white sneakers, fortifying her with that sense of familiarity and trust her sisters aren’t providing anytime soon. If home isn’t where the heart is, at least you can park your sneakers there and slip ‘em on whenever you feel trouble’s brewing. And when they’re on your feet, at least your sisters can’t slink into your room and steal ‘em 

Kendall’s date-night style:
Out to dinner with beau, Ben Simmons, Kendall’s been spotted chowing down on carrot sticks while rocking a mini-dress, patterned tights and sleek white sneakers. She’s also been seen at The Box nightclub in Soho with former flame, Harry Styles, dancing up a storm in white trainers, denim jeans and a black biker jacket. Two different looks, two different vibes and two different guys. With so many important choices to make, why waste time deciding on shoe-wear? It’s all sorted from the bottom up, and we’re predicting that this supermodel’s fashion choices will continue to trend in one direction.

Kendall’s red carpet style:
More than once, Kendall has effortlessly combined a vibe that was equal parts sexy and sporty at a 
red carpet event. At a 2018 fashion show in Paris she turned heads in a striped mini-dress with sequins and sporty white trainers. Later that year she donned a metallic 80’s-inspired power suit and white sneakers for an awards night in LA.

All eyes were on Kendall’s svelte figure and a face that seemed chiselled from fine porcelain. And at 1.79 metres tall, Kendall didn’t need a high heel or two to lengthen those fine pins of hers. If a fashion statement was about attitude as well as aesthetic, hers was a triumphant song about expressing yourself through fashion and celebrating it in a way that gave white sneakers their moment in the spotlight.

That’s the wrap-up of Kendall Jenner’s celebrity sneaker style. Always impeccable, Kendall never puts a fashion foot out of line. Looking for that element of style that’ll keep on keeping on? Step out in a classic white sneaker that’s a Cinderella-fit for Kendall Jenner, and just perfect for her step-sisters too.

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